• Application Submission Package

Frustrated with the job application process? 

You might send 100+ applications to land an interview.

It's hours of work to complete a few apps.

Our team saves you time.

Land one class, and you'll see the ROI.

Here's how it works:

Choose your package.

Provide your CV, transcripts, references, cover letter, and any other documents (DEI statement, statement of faith, teacher philosophy)

Send any job leads you find, or choose a job leads package.

The Babb Group's application experts complete the applications for you.

You are assigned a dedicated account representative who becomes familiar with your material and goals.

"If you are considering teaching online for a career or just extra money, I would encourage you to make the right investment and choose The Babb Group as your team."

— Tommy S.


Q: This sounds great. Do you guarantee I'll get a job?

It's impossible to guarantee placement. Each institution has hiring factors outside our control. We input your information into the online application accurately.

Q. What if an application has specific questions or requires additional information?

If an application requires specific materials or answers, we will email you.

Q. Do I have to send you all my information again for every job opening I want to apply for?

No. If you purchase a package, we hold onto your information for future applications (unless you ask us not to). If you update your materials, send them to your account representative.

Q. How do the credits and packages work? Do unused credits carry over?

Applications for the month are good from 30 days from your subscription date. For example, if you buy 21-30 applications for one month, you have one month from the date of your subscription to use those applications. Any unused applications are not carried over to other months.

Q. How do I cancel?

Billing is recurring. You can cancel through PayPal anytime.

Q. Which package should I choose?

We recommend starting with the package for the smallest number of applications you anticipate needing, as application credits do not roll over to the next month.

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