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How do the Application Services work?

You provide the information and materials (name, email address, CV, unofficial graduate transcripts, references, cover letter and all other relevant material), and we provide the human power.

It's as easy as sending us the links for jobs you want to apply to and we will do the tedious work for you!

  • Yes… we fill out all the application forms.
  • Yes... you can send us any lead you find yourself, or a lead we send to you.
  • Yes… we put in all your details.
  • Yes… we attach files and fill in all the blanks.
  • Yes... it includes job leads for as many categories as you'd like, so you have lots of additional jobs to choose from.
  • Yes… you can update your information at any time.
  • Yes… we complete the application for you and email you a copy of your application confirmation.
  • Yes... you are assigned a dedicated account representative who becomes familiar with your material and your goals, as well as a manager in charge of it all.

And when we're asked to recruit instructors for specific opportunities that fit your experience, you'll be at the top of our list! (Of course, you have complete access to all your applications. You can login at any time to change your password or update information -- it's in your control.)

How can I get a job teaching online?

With interest in online education high, credibility for online institutions building and more state schools developing online programs, the demand for professors is growing. Many people ask us, “how do you become an online professor?” In the article, “How to Become an Online Professor” our team will walk you through many of the steps required to get into the field of education as an online professor and what to expect along the way.

How can I turn my resume into a CV?

Dr. Babb has written several articles to help you create your CV. Starting at Tips to Begin Writing Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and with more details in 20 Steps to your new online teaching CV and 21 Things Your CV Needs for Online Teaching Jobs and finally 4 Tips to Getting Experience to List on your CV for Online Teaching Jobs. Or, select one of our CV options to help you.

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